Good Planets

The song “Good Planets Are Hard To Find” is written and performed by Steve Forbert.

Steve Forbert cares strongly for the environment, especially when it comes to recycling. He recycles “everything from a water bottle to a toothpaste box” and lives by the motto “waste not, want not.”

Everyone, from old to young, no matter where you live or come from, can value the importance of the Earth and all it has to offer.

Steve wrote this song “Good Planets are Hard to Find” in 1996 to open the eyes of society towards the environment. He wanted the song to be “fun and upbeat” that everyone would enjoy. His hope was to inspire a movement of change and awareness towards the environment. He participates in many Earth Day celebrations with this song, which highlights the elements of the Earth from the soils to the forests to the mountains to the seas.

Steve reinforces how unique and rare our planet is throughout the verses of the song. He also sends out warning for us to protect our planet by stating in the chorus “the mind don’t know, what the heart can’t see.” With this, Steve is expressing that if our hearts are not open to the effects we are causing to the environment, then our minds will not comprehend what is happening. This causes us to be blinded by our actions and to not reflect on how they might have negative impacts to our planet and to our lives in the future.

In this song, Steve does not highlight one particular issue for he leaves the audience’s minds open to reflect on what issues really matter to them. Everyone can take something out of this song, whether it is to reflect on the beauty of the Earth and all it provides or to reflect on the harm that humans are creating upon it.

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