Agile projects

Face-to-face conversations are the heart and soul of agile projects. Agile meetings provide a format for communicating in a face-to-face environment. Meetings on agile projects have a specific purpose and a specific amount of time in order to allow the development team the time to work, rather than spend time in meetings. Agile artifacts provide a format for written communication that is structured, but not cumbersome or unnecessary.

Artifacts, meetings, and more informal communication channels are all tools.

Even the best tools need people to use those tools correctly to be effective.

Agile projects are about people and interactions; tools are secondary to success.

All projects have stakeholders, people who have a vested interest in the project. As at least one of the stakeholders usually pays for the project, it is important for them to know how the project is progressing.

As the project manager, you spend the most time and effort keeping informed and involved, those stakeholders with high degrees of both power and interest.

Source: Agile Management Communication Methods – dummies

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