Never too late

Never too late

“You might just find that you have more,” writes Wainwright in a piece she penned for Forbes. “More inner strength, more tenacity, more grit, more courage, more kindness, more compassion than you ever thought was possible.

After several years, Wainwright realized that her situation wasn’t going to improve unless she took action.

“Man, this could be a really bad second half of my life. Or. I have to figure something out,” Wainwright, now 60, remembers saying to a girlfriend of hers. “I had never created my own business before. I had always been the gun to hire. … But I had to finally say, nobody is going to give me my dream job, so I better figure it out myself.”

“Failure is ultimately very liberating,” says Wainwright. “Once you come out the other side of it, you just might have faced one of your biggest fears and lived. The other side of failure is a big elimination of fear of failure — trust me, that is an amazing gift.”

Source: It’s never too late to succeed: How this 60-year-old founder took her business from zero to $500 million in 6 years

The founder and C.E.O. of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright joins Hanna Storm, host of ESPN’s Sportscenter to discuss her career and success.