Women over 50

Women over 50

Living out two fates that show feminism is an incomplete project.

The lifetime cost of being expected to do the lion’s share of caring for others is too high for all of us, but for some women over 50, the price is unpayable.

Many are struggling with underemployment, financial stress and homelessness — the legacy of a lifetime of sexism, and one that bites particularly hard for women who ironically did what they were told.

For too many Australian women, growing older brings a confronting set of challenges that have nothing to do with how they look or feel.

If (and it’s a big if) we are fortunate enough to be financially secure, we finally have the time and the money to put our own needs first for a change and do what we want.

That’s why women over 50 flock to writers’ festivals, art classes, yoga, pilates and aqua-aerobics. It’s why we swell the audiences at cinemas (hint to film-makers: we’d go to even more if you made them about us), theatres, musicals, book clubs, travel, cruises and resorts.

Source: Women over 50: A tale of two fates