Think About It

Think About It

It is Not What Happens to You, but How You Think About It.

Negative thoughts can be very harmful to us. Traumatic events in themselves don’t affect us as much as the stress and anxiety that they create. Controlling our thoughts is the key to coming out ahead and moving forward without the burden of guilt.
A study done in 2013 with more than 30,000 subjects revealed that fixating on the negative events in life can be the main trigger for some of the most common mental health problems today, especially because of the guilt that these events generate.

The results indicated that it is not what happens to us in life that matters, but the way in which we think about it that shapes our psychological wellbeing. In this sense, acting on our thoughts will help us to limit this feelings of guilt with which we punish ourselves.

“Whilst we know that a person’s genetics and life circumstances contribute to mental health problems, the results from this study showed that traumatic life events are the main reason people suffer from anxiety and depression. However, the way a person thinks about, and deals with, stressful events is as much an indicator of the level of stress and anxiety they feel,“ said the head researcher, Peter Kinderman.

While self-reflection can be a key ingredient to living a conscious and happy life, these new findings demonstrate that rumination or dwelling on the negative aspects of our lives and our past is not good for us.

Therefore, while self-understanding is a means to overcoming our personal battles, it is also necessary that we practice self-compassion and not make enemies of ourselves.

In this sense, overcoming our internal critic will help us to banish the guilt and the self-deprecation over what happened to us, what we did, or what we stopped doing, thereby giving ourselves the opportunity to think positively about what we still have ahead of us, as well as propping ourselves up with the good that we have done and the values and attitudes that make us stronger.

alt=”” />Negative thoughts can be very harmful to us. Traumatic events don’t affect us so much because of what took place as because of the stress and anxiety

Source: It’s Not What Happens to You, but How You Think About It – Exploring your mind