Partied at PopUp

Partied at PopUp

Before Saturday night, I picked out a white dress and filled a white basket with sugar-dusted cookies. The only hitch? I had no idea where I’d be taking them.

But a few hours before heading to Prospect Park for an all-white PopUp Dinner Party, I finally learned that I – and 4,200 other guests – would be drinking, dining and dancing at the Peninsula, a cosy little nook overlooking a lake and sheltered by trees. Fellow park-goers must have wondered what was happening as swarms of us descended on the area, armed with white balloons, flowers and bottles of fizz.

You might remember from a previous blog post that this weekend was hosting the PopUp Brooklyn dinner party. It was inspired by the ‘Diner en Blanc’, which originated in Paris in 1988 when a group of friends wanted to gather for dinner and decided to dress in white so they’d be able to spot each other. Since then, the impromptu white dinner parties have spread across the world, and this one was hosted by Hand Made Events.

One of the highlights of the night: a solo performance from Ben Folds, who played his best-known tunes on a white piano while we bopped away.

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